Establishment of ABMA

  • A Congress to set up an association of contractors in building maintenance industry throughout Asia was held on October 19, 2006, at 2.00 pm. in Seoul, Korea. Delegates from industry associations of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Shenyang (China) attended the Congress.
  • The Congress decided to name the organization" Asia Building Maintenance Association (ABMA)" and Shinya Karino, president of Japan Building Maintenance Association (JBMA) was elected the first president of ABMA.
  • Korea Association of Building Maintenance (KABM) has been chosen secretariat. It was also decided that the Congress of ABMA should be held in the year where the Congress of the World Federation of Building Service Contractors (WFBSC) is not held and the first place and the time where the Congress is held will be in Japan on November 2007.

Objectives of ABMA

  • It is commonly perceived that building maintenance industry like cleaning has already been developed throughout Asia. ABMA intends to get people's recognition of the utility of this industry which is based on professionalism by contributing to the lasting progress of comfortable and safe environment of buildings, through exchange of technologies and people beyond national borders.
  • ABMA aims to raise skills and spread knowledge on building maintenance.
  • ABMA is committed to secure the global recognition on the value and the role of building maintenance skills.